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Help! Does Kowalah run on Android?

Currently Kowalah is only available in the AppStore for Apple's iOS devices.  You can run Kowalah on an iPhone, an iPod Touch, or an iPad. But what if you have an Android device?  We know it is very frustrating for... Continue Reading →

Build your Kowalah network for an even better experience.

The first time you run a Kowalah booking request you are no doubt a little apprehensive - who are the Kowalahs, have they been interviewed, will my kids get on with them?  Hopefully your initial call with your Kowalah puts... Continue Reading →

Return on time to get repeat Kowalahs!

We spend time speaking with our Kowalahs to ask what makes a great booking for them, and what encourages Kowalahs to accept repeat bookings from families.  One of the top reasons is clear communication from parents around when they are... Continue Reading →

Founder Interview – Candy Cowan of Kowalah

With 2018 well underway it's a good time to check in with co-founder Candy Cowan and learn more about why she set up the business and her plans for the future. Why did you set up Kowalah? We have four... Continue Reading →

How to use Kowalah for day time bookings

When you first hear about Kowalah and On Demand Childcare you probably think of babysitting - getting someone to look after your kids when you are out for an evening.  Over half of our bookings however are during the day,... Continue Reading →

When is the best time to book a Kowalah?

One of the biggest "Ah-Hah!" moments for new parents using Kowalah is that the platform provides a real-time search.  When you launch a booking request, at that exact moment Kowalah will notify targeted local sitters (Kowalahs) and provide them with... Continue Reading →

Top Tips for Christmas Kowalah bookings

As the snow falls around us and we prepare for Christmas the number of Kowalah bookings rises dramatically. Here are our top reminders for parents using the service over this festive period! Book early This season we've seen a huge... Continue Reading →

Who are the Kowalah sitters?

One of the questions we get asked most by new Kowalah parents is "Who are your Kowalah sitters?  Where have they come from?"  And there is no single answer - we have Kowalahs from a huge range of backgrounds and... Continue Reading →

Why is it so important a Kowalah has a car?

At Kowalah we interview every single sitter (Kowalah) before they are allowed to go on the platform and accept bookings from parents.  One of our main questions is how the potential Kowalah expects to get to and from their bookings.... Continue Reading →

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