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Who are the Kowalah sitters?

One of the questions we get asked most by new Kowalah parents is "Who are your Kowalah sitters?  Where have they come from?"  And there is no single answer - we have Kowalahs from a huge range of backgrounds and... Continue Reading →

Why is it so important a Kowalah has a car?

At Kowalah we interview every single sitter (Kowalah) before they are allowed to go on the platform and accept bookings from parents.  One of our main questions is how the potential Kowalah expects to get to and from their bookings.... Continue Reading →

How do we support Kowalahs during a booking?

Kowalah is a 24x7 business.  We have  daytime bookings that start first thing in the morning, evening bookings that run through to the early hours of every night, and overnight bookings that mean at any point of any day somewhere... Continue Reading →

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