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How do we support Kowalahs during a booking?

Kowalah is a 24x7 business.  We have  daytime bookings that start first thing in the morning, evening bookings that run through to the early hours of every night, and overnight bookings that mean at any point of any day somewhere... Continue Reading →

Kowalah launches in Cheltenham

Two weeks ago we were very proud to be part of a week-long pop up at the Wilson Gallery called Yay for Play!  The event was the brain child of both local blogger CheltenhamMaman - Kate Starkey, and also husband... Continue Reading →

Kowalah Stories – Ruth

Ruth discusses her experiences as a Kowalah sitter.

Can On Demand Childcare help Working Parents?

This week saw the release of the Family and Childcare Trust's annual Childcare Survey.  The 2017 report shows that childcare costs continue to spiral upwards at a higher rate than inflation, resulting in increasing pressure on family budgets, with some... Continue Reading →

Kowalah Stories – Helen

Helen is a Kowalah sitter, and in this post walks us through her experiences and advice for other Kowalahs.

Why we don’t let Kowalahs set their own rates

We've all been in that situation - you come home from an evening out, you exchange small talk with your babysitter, and after a couple of minutes "Right - how much do I owe you?!" Then follows an awkward conversation where... Continue Reading →

Choosing the right babysitter

Choose the 'best' babysitter, not just the 'first available' babysitter

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